LASIK Surgery-Improving your Athletic Performance

We all depend on our eyes for day to day activities. Professional athletes are no exception. Athletes not only need reliable vision for their everyday lives, they need their vision to excel in their sport . In some cases, the success of an athlete’s career is determined by their reflexes and skill set. Without the correct perception, many athletes would not be able to perform at the apex of their ability. Troy Aikman, Tiger Woods, and Lebron James are just a handful of successful athletes that have had LASIK surgery in their lifetime. LASIK surgery can not only give an advantage to an individual’s performance and independence on the field, it can also improve the athletes quality of life off the field.

Wearing eyewear during game time can not only be burdensome, it can also be dangerous. Someone who is dependent on eyewear such as glasses or contacts may have a slower reaction time and may cause the athlete to become less precise with their hand/eye coordination.  When engaging in contact sports such as martial arts, the use of eyewear could be a hazard to the user because of the chance that their contacts can be lost easily or their glasses can become broken with contact to the face. If contact with the eye is made shortly after the surgery has been performed before the patient fully recovers, there is a risk of the corneal flap re-opening or becoming damaged and infected. Most patients can return playing their sports in a couple of days. Athletes who play sports where there may be more physical contact, such as martial arts, basketball or soccer should usually wait two weeks to a month and consult with their Doctor before resuming their sport.

LASIK has proven overwhelmingly successful in reducing dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Clinical studies show that most LASIK patients (with mild to moderate prescriptions) have the potential to achieve 20/20 vision or near 20/20 vision. Generally, this means they no longer need or have reduced their dependence on glasses or contacts to drive, play sports, watch movies and TV, or participate in careers requiring excellent vision.

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