Decorative Contact Lenses or a Nightmare?


This Halloween, many of us will be dressing in costumes, which may also include the new fashion sensation, decorative contact lenses. These lenses may enhance your appearance for the trick or treat filled night but they have no affect on your vision and in some cases, harm your vision. This Halloween, if you are going to wear these decorative lenses, here are some insights you should know in order to protect your eyes as much as possible.

In regards to eye care, these decorative lenses, although used as a fashion statement , are initially a medical device that must be cleared for distribution by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Despite being a medical device, many individuals who buy these contacts are purchasing them through non medical websites, Halloween stores, or beauty supply stores, which is illegal. These decorative lenses should be prescribed to the individual from their licensed Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Without proper contact lens fitting from your OD, serious damage can be done to your eyes. These risks include scratching or an infection of the cornea, decreased vision, irritated eyes, and in some cases, blindness. If you have worn these decorative contacts and feel a prolonged pain in your eye, severe redness, or decreased vision, these may be signs of the mentioned risks and should be examined by your Optometrist as soon as possible.

Before wearing any of these decorative lenses this Halloween, please be sure to have an eye exam and obtain a valid prescription for their use. In addition, be sure to ask and follow directions for inserting, wearing, and cleaning the lenses while they are being used. Following these steps and knowing how to prevent the risks associated with these lenses can help ensure that your Halloween experience is both spooky and safe.




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