i Technology Update: Attention Glaucoma Patients

IMG_2465According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Glaucoma is a group of diseases that causes damage to an individual’s optic nerve, primarily from increased intraocular pressure. This increased pressure or ocular hypertension is usually caused by inefficient fluid drainage within the eye.

Due to this increase in pressure, the optic nerve may become damaged and cause vision loss and in more serious cases, blindness. Glaucoma is more prevalent for those who are over the age of 40, African American, have a family history of glaucoma, diabetic and who take certain steroidal medications.

Depending on the type of Glaucoma that is diagnosed, open angle or closed, the symptoms individuals experience can differ. Open Angle Glaucoma is a progressive disease that is caused when the fluid inside an individual’s eye, the aqueous humor, does not drain properly between the open angle of the iris and the cornea. Over time, this pressure is built up and can hinder the performance of the optic nerve, resulting in vision loss and sometimes blindness if not detected early enough. Many individuals do not experience pain during this progression, however, there may be a loss of peripheral vision, which indicates deterioration has already occurred. Closed or Narrow Angle Glaucoma is slightly different. The pressure increase happens more rapidly due to a more acute angle and smaller area available inside the eye. Many individuals experience pain with this type of glaucoma because of the rapid pressure increase.

Glaucoma is a serious disease and for those who have both, glaucoma and cataracts, these two factors can cause devastating effects on an individual’s vision, as well as their independent lifestyle. Fortunately, if you have been recently diagnosed with open angle glaucoma and cataracts, there is new advanced technology available that may help or reduce the progression of this disease. The revolutionary, FDA-approved iStent is a treatment option to reduce eye pressure for patients with both cataracts and glaucoma. Dr. Frank A. Bucci Jr. is the first and only surgeon in our region to utilize this advanced technology. The iStent, which is the smallest medical device ever approved by the FDA, is implanted during cataract surgery to reduce ocular pressure in those patients who have mild to moderate open angle glaucoma. This device may also decrease the need for expensive prescription eye drops used to decrease intraocular pressure. If you have glaucoma and have been recently diagnosed with cataracts, schedule your consultation today and learn more about this revolutionary technology.


Call 1-877-DR-BUCCI or visit us online at BucciVision.com.

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