Recently FDA approved XEN gel refractory Glaucoma stent

A first of its kind, new refractory Glaucoma treatment was performed by leading ophthalmologist Frank A. Bucci, Jr. MD., on Wednesday August 16, 2017.

The Xen gel stent is designed for patients with moderate to severe glaucoma who are using multiple pressure lowering eye drops or who have mildly to moderately uncontrollable intraocular eye pressure.  This new stent replaces more invasive glaucoma surgeries.  The XEN implant is the size of an eyelash.  The procedure is painless and less invasive than cataract surgery.  It is performed under mild sedation and takes less than five minutes as performed by Dr. Bucci.  A patient successfully underwent the XEN gel stent procedure on August 16.  Prior to the procedure she was using two eyedrop medications which achieved an intraocular eye pressure of 21.  One week following the procedure, the eye pressure was 7 and she is not using any pressure lowering eye drops.

The XEN gel stent surgery was recently approved by the FDA.  Dr. Bucci has a history with the development of this revolutionary sight saving glaucoma procedure.  In preparation for the US FDA trial, all 12 of the renowned glaucoma specialists who participated in the trial underwent preparatory training  at Dr. Bucci’s nonprofit eye institute in Lima, Peru.  Dr. Bucci has extensive experience in performing this XEN gel stent procedure and was performing this procedure as early as 2012.

The XEN gel stent is covered by Medicare.  People who usually qualify for this advanced glaucoma stent are:

  1. those using 2 or more glaucoma drops
  2. those who are becoming allergic or intolerant to their glaucoma medications
  3. those who have had previous glaucoma surgery that has failed
  4. those who are experiencing progressive vision loss from glaucoma



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