2018 FAQ

Since 2018 marks Bucci Laser Visions 20th Anniversary we thought perhaps a round of frequently asked questions would be beneficial.

1. When and why did Dr. Frank Bucci open the first office?

During his residency Frank A. Bucci, Jr. MD discovered his love of micro surgery, and the added reward of being able to help blind people see is what continues to drive his passion today as an Ophthalmologist. He founded the Bucci Laser Vision Institute in 1998 adding the Angela Theresa Bucci Ambulatory Eye Surgical center in 2000 ( In memory of his wife).
2. What are the most-performed procedures at Bucci Laser Vision?
LASIK, Multifocal Lens Implants as well as,  Premium Cataract surgery. – Premium Cataract surgery Dr. Bucci has performed over – 15,000 LASIK/refractive procedures , 5,000 multifocal lens implants and 35,000 microsurgical eye surgeries. That’s not a combined number, Dr. Bucci is our sole surgeon who will perform your surgery too.
3. Who is your “typical” patient (gender, age, general health)?
Again depending of the procedure LASIK patient starts at the age of 18 as long as their prescription hasn’t changed within the past year. But the typical age range is 24-44 corrects distance vision. MultiLex – typically 50+ looking to eliminate or reduce their dependency on reading glasses or bifocals Cataract and Premium Cataract based on their diagnosis some patients with genetic history could be as young as
30 -40s but the average age is 55 – 75.
Both men and women equally seek out elective eye surgeries ( LASIK and Multifocal Lens Implants) based on personal needs which can range from an active outdoor lifestyle ( camping, hunting, sports) to safety ( employment , ease of readiness/response) police, first responders to young professionals or new parents.
4. What are the biggest misconceptions about: Laser eye surgery (Lasik), and cataracts?
Actually that sentence, often times we encounter patients who think LASIK and Cataract surgeries are one and the same. I suppose the industry has caused this confusion . LASIK is as I mentioned typically performed on younger patients who want to reduce or eliminate their need for distance glasses/contacts. However, as the patient ages reading glasses will be required just as in the natural aging of the eye. But people often think that LASIK wears off or reverts and that is not the case. Your distance vision will remain corrected. Multifocal lens implants are often confused with the bifocal or trifocal contact lenses that are now available. This is a huge misconception, since the multifocal lenses are actually implanted inside the eye, they don’t require that annoying adjustment of finding the line where the prescription changes, but rather correct the vision as the light rays enter the eye and transmit to the retina. Similar to the lens of a camera.
The confusion with Cataracts is years ago you’d hear doctors reference “your cataract isn’t ripe enough yet for surgery”. Partially due to the antiquated techniques, long required hospital stays and limited mobility afterwards. But with todays advanced technology combined with Dr. Bucci’s 20 + years of experience (having
performed over 26,000 microsurgical eye procedures) with noninvasive microsurgical technology, combined with FemtoLasers which guide the surgeon and assist with the initial steps of the procedure. Most of our patients resume full activity the following day.
Combined with our active lifestyles and longer life expectancy, todays cataract patient can eliminate their cataract as soon as it is diagnosed preventing the loss or reduction of their vision while taking advantage of the premium lens choices and eliminating their need for bifocals at the same time.
5. How can we keep our eyes healthy?
Monitoring your overall eye health with an annual eye exam and being aware of any family history. Eye safety is also note worthy. Safety goggles are very important for sports and outdoor activities as well as employment . Also Omega 3s ( PRN is the brand we recommend and is available at any of our offices ) are beneficial in eye health as well, helping the eye to maintain a ” good oil layer”. Omega 3s may prevent the effects of Evaporative Dry Eye which is becoming a serious concern of many patients. Dry
Eye is also increasing do to the way we rely on computers and phones screens . This is creating what is referred to as CVS ( Computer Vision Syndrome) which causes dry eye simply due to the fact that we stare at those screens for long periods of time often not blinking as often as we should which also causes the natural moisture to evaporate off the surface of the eye. A simple tip is the 20/20 rule every 20 minutes, look away from your screens and blink for 20 seconds.
6. How often should we get a check for vision?  Annually
What about checkups for other (medical) eye conditions, besides vision? If you’ve been
diagnosed by your Optometrist (eye doctor)with an eye condition or disease they will inform you but traditionally, Macular degeneration and Diabetic patients require once or twice a year depending on the severity. Glaucoma patients usually require quarterly exams.
7. Are all these procedures permanent or do you usually need more than one surgery?
In most cases the outcome of the surgery is permanent, however every case is customized remember no two eyes are alike therefore every surgical plan varies. At your free consultation Dr. Bucci will discuss your personalized surgical plan, if you have astigmatism you may need an additional procedure after your cataract surgery to eliminate remaining astigmatism.
8. Is the current trend towards bifocals, trifocals, or laser surgery?
Oh hands down todays technology provides the opportunity for almost everyone to have an elective procedure or premium cataract surgery reducing or eliminating their need for bifocals. Many patients have a very difficult time adjusting to bi or trifocals, we feel given the choice more and more patients will be opting for Eye surgery vs. Bifocals.
9. Why do you host monthly seminars?

Dr. Bucci hosts Free monthly seminars in order to educate potential patients and or family members about their surgical options. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where they feel comfortable asking questions and although our procedures are performed on an outpatient basis it’s still surgery and it’s that individuals eyes. We take every step possible to put our patients fears at ease and it begins with understanding your options and the procedures themselves. How often are you given the
opportunity to meet your surgeon before even deciding if you’re going to have surgery? Attend a seminar, meet Dr. Bucci , have your questions answered, and speak to “guest” patients.

10. What type of insurance do you take?
There are so many insurance plans and variables , my advice is to contact your insurance representative and ask what your coverage includes. Traditionally LASIK and Multifocal Implants are elective, therefore aren’t covered by insurance as compared to medically necessary Cataract surgery which is covered by most insurances.
11. Which was your first location?

Wilkes-Barre our main office which is where our Surgical center & Private LASIK suites are located. However we also have offices in Brodheadsville, Hazleton, Old Forge, Pittston, Stroudsburg ( recently relocated and expanded to Tannersville ) , Scranton, Pocono (Swiftwater) for convenient evaluations with Dr. Bucci call 1-877-DR-BUCCI.

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