First Responders, the Military and LASIK

LASIK for First Responders & the Militarypolice officer -blue

First responders and military personnel, have one of the most physically and emotionally-challenging professions. They must be conscientious about their health and physical abilities in order to do their job well. Fumbling with glasses or wrestling with irritated or lost contacts can jeopardize not only their career and safety , but their lives and the lives they protect.

With such high stakes, we understand the importance of enhanced vision, but we also know you may have some reservations about the safety of eye surgery and which procedure is right for you.

Having performed more than 15,000 LASIK procedures, Dr. Bucci with over 20 years of experience has treated many active military personnel and first responders. He understands the special demands of your job, and the restrictions you may have in regards to the type of procedures available to you. You can rest assured that Dr. Bucci will determine which procedure will deliver the best results needed to perform your job.

We also understand that due to the demands of your career, you can’t take weeks to recover from surgery. Our Bladeless LASIK takes as little as 10 minutes, which will require time off the day of your procedure and perhaps the following day for your 1st post op exam. You’ll benefit from the results of your LASIK within the first 24 hours. Allowing most patients to return to full activity the following day. Our state-of-the art private LASIK suite combined with  Dr. Bucci’s expertise drastically reduce recovery time and will get you back on the job in no time.

Let us evaluate your specific circumstances to see which procedure is right for your eyes and your career. Simply schedule a free LASIK evaluation with Dr. Bucci today by calling 1-877-DR-BUCCI. And Thank You for your service.

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