Frank A. Bucci, Jr., MD celebrates his 20th Anniversary

This year marks Dr. Bucci’s 20 year Anniversary having established Bucci Laser Vision Cataract and Refractive Eye Center in 1998. He is our sole surgeon, who has performed over 15,500 refractive and 35,000 microsurgical eye procedures in our state of the art private LASIK suite and Ambulatory Surgery Center. In addition to having over 95 articles published in medical publications and industry journals, he was also voted as one of the Top 50 Ophthalmologists in the U.S. by his peers. He has also gained recognition and frequently lectures on the appropriate patient selection and multifocal lens implant technique which has deemed him the #1 Multifocal surgeon in PA., Top 10 in the USA. This procedure often enables Dr. Bucci to eliminate a patients need for bifocals or reading glasses, either prior to being diagnosed or in conjunction with the diagnosis of a cataract.

Being an OPHTHALMOLOGIST requires a medical doctor (M.D.) or an osteopathic physician (D.O.) who is qualified and specially trained to diagnose and treat all eye and visual system problems, both medically and surgically, as well as diagnose general diseases of the body. An ophthalmologist receives a minimum of twelve years of post-high school education, which typically includes four years of college, four years of medical school, one or more years of general clinical training, and a minimum of three years of residency (hospital-based training) in ophthalmology.

A fellowship-trained corneal specialists  has completed a residency and continues expanding his knowledge and experience. Frank A. Bucci, Jr., MD had the privilege to fellowship-train with one of the leading surgeons in the world Dr. Richard S. Lindstrom.

The participation in clinical trials is also recognition of a skilled surgeon and staff. Industry leaders call upon the best surgeons with the most outstanding results in order to carry out their studies which have been, or are in the process of , receiving FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) approval. Dr. Bucci and his staff contribute valuable research to ongoing clinical trials, as well as having assisted in the FDA approval of numerous medical advancements over the years.

Education, training , contributing towards technological advancements and dedication to our patients is what Dr. Bucci has accomplished throughout the past 20 years.

On behalf of our staff please join us in Congratulating Dr. Frank A. Bucci, Jr.

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