2018 FAQ

Since 2018 marks Bucci Laser Visions 20th Anniversary we thought perhaps a round of frequently asked questions would be beneficial. 1. When and why did Dr. Frank Bucci open the first office? During his residency Frank A. Bucci, Jr. MD discovered his love of micro surgery, and the added reward of being able to help […]

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Dr. Bucci’s Clinical data presented at 2018 ASCRS-ASOA Annual Meeting

Wilkes Barre, PA (April 13, 2018, 8:00 AM EST) More than 20 million cataract surgeries are performed annually worldwide. Many of these cataract patients request good vision at all distances without eyeglass dependence. Now, research at Bucci Laser Vision Institute has found how to reach greater patient satisfaction with low add multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs), […]

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Generation Active

Generation Active is a group not defined by their age, but instead by their actions. The over 100 million consumers in the United States that exercise two or more times per week are classified as being a part of Generation Active. This new wave of people do not look at fitness as a fad, but […]

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3 Eye New Year Resolutions

3, 2, 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 has arrived, a new year with a fresh start, and there is no other way to kick off this year than with setting a few resolutions, and then of course breaking them within the first month.. This year, add protecting your eyes to your list of resolutions, because […]

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Feed Your Eyes This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for food, food, and more food! From turkey to stuffing, pumpkin pie and more, Thanksgiving gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘I am stuffed’. But food does more than just fuel us, it also aids in our overall health. I’m sure we’ve all heard that carrots are good for […]

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LASIK called safest, most successful elective procedure in the world

Dr. Bucci just returned from AAO where world leaders in Ophthalmology gather to share industry advancements and techniques. The following was presented by his college Dr. Donnenfeld. Meeting News American Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting LASIK called safest, most successful elective procedure in the world  November 10, 2017 Eric D. Donnenfeld NEW ORLEANS — The latest […]

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Help Us Help A Veteran

What is America’s VetDogs ? Mission: To help those who have served our country honorably live with dignity and independence. America’s VetDogs, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was founded in 2003 by the Guide Dog Foundation to train and provide assistance dogs to change the lives of those who have served our country honorably. VetDogs has […]

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Costume Contacts for Halloween

Have you ever seen someone with eyes that glow in the dark, or that have their favorite sports team logo on them? These Costume Contacts  have become increasingly popular since colored contacts began adorning individual’s eyes, and they become even more prevalent around Halloween. According to the FDA, these contacts are not over the counter, as […]

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