i Technology Update: Attention Glaucoma Patients

IMG_2465According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Glaucoma is a group of diseases that causes damage to an individual’s optic nerve, primarily from increased intraocular pressure. This increased pressure or ocular hypertension is usually caused by inefficient fluid drainage within the eye.

Due to this increase in pressure, the optic nerve may become damaged and cause vision loss and in more serious cases, blindness. Glaucoma is more prevalent for those who are over the age of 40, African American, have a family history of glaucoma, diabetic and who take certain steroidal medications.

Depending on the type of Glaucoma that is diagnosed, open angle or closed, the symptoms individuals experience can differ. Open Angle Glaucoma is a progressive disease that is caused when the fluid inside an individual’s eye, the aqueous humor, does not drain properly between the open angle of the iris and the cornea. Over time, this pressure is built up and can hinder the performance of the optic nerve, resulting in vision loss and sometimes blindness if not detected early enough. Many individuals do not experience pain during this progression, however, there may be a loss of peripheral vision, which indicates deterioration has already occurred. Closed or Narrow Angle Glaucoma is slightly different. The pressure increase happens more rapidly due to a more acute angle and smaller area available inside the eye. Many individuals experience pain with this type of glaucoma because of the rapid pressure increase.

Glaucoma is a serious disease and for those who have both, glaucoma and cataracts, these two factors can cause devastating effects on an individual’s vision, as well as their independent lifestyle. Fortunately, if you have been recently diagnosed with open angle glaucoma and cataracts, there is new advanced technology available that may help or reduce the progression of this disease. The revolutionary, FDA-approved iStent is a treatment option to reduce eye pressure for patients with both cataracts and glaucoma. Dr. Frank A. Bucci Jr. is the first and only surgeon in our region to utilize this advanced technology. The iStent, which is the smallest medical device ever approved by the FDA, is implanted during cataract surgery to reduce ocular pressure in those patients who have mild to moderate open angle glaucoma. This device may also decrease the need for expensive prescription eye drops used to decrease intraocular pressure. If you have glaucoma and have been recently diagnosed with cataracts, schedule your consultation today and learn more about this revolutionary technology.


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Bucci Laser Vision – November is National Diabetes Awareness Month


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November is National Diabetes Month.

Diabetes Mellitus is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S and is the number one cause of “blindness, kidney failure, and amputations of feet and legs not related to accidents or injury”. In addition, diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of vision loss among working age adults in the U.S. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Diabetic Retinopathy, a leading diabetic eye disease, affects more than 7 million or 28.5 % of Americans. Those who are affected by Diabetic Retinopathy may experience swelling or the formation of new blood vessels in or around the surface of the retina, which is essential to healthy vision. While this growth progresses, changes to your vision may occur and overtime, vision loss may occur.

Fortunately, many of these symptoms can be avoided or decreased by controlling blood sugar levels and improving our behavioral risk factors such as exercising and quitting smoking. More severe stages of Diabetic Retinopathy can be treated by using Laser treatment.

If you are experiencing vision changes, a comprehensive dilated exam can detect any abnormalities that may be present and can determine if you have diabetic retinopathy or another form of eye disease. Technology, such as the Optomap Retinal Exam, can give a clear image of the retina and alert your optometrist to any conditions that may be alarming.  Please remember to schedule your annual eye exam with your trusted optometrist. To schedule an eye exam at Bucci Laser Vision, simply give us a call at 1-877-DR-BUCCI (372-8224).

Decorative Contact Lenses or a Nightmare?


This Halloween, many of us will be dressing in costumes, which may also include the new fashion sensation, decorative contact lenses. These lenses may enhance your appearance for the trick or treat filled night but they have no affect on your vision and in some cases, harm your vision. This Halloween, if you are going to wear these decorative lenses, here are some insights you should know in order to protect your eyes as much as possible.

In regards to eye care, these decorative lenses, although used as a fashion statement , are initially a medical device that must be cleared for distribution by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Despite being a medical device, many individuals who buy these contacts are purchasing them through non medical websites, Halloween stores, or beauty supply stores, which is illegal. These decorative lenses should be prescribed to the individual from their licensed Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Without proper contact lens fitting from your OD, serious damage can be done to your eyes. These risks include scratching or an infection of the cornea, decreased vision, irritated eyes, and in some cases, blindness. If you have worn these decorative contacts and feel a prolonged pain in your eye, severe redness, or decreased vision, these may be signs of the mentioned risks and should be examined by your Optometrist as soon as possible.

Before wearing any of these decorative lenses this Halloween, please be sure to have an eye exam and obtain a valid prescription for their use. In addition, be sure to ask and follow directions for inserting, wearing, and cleaning the lenses while they are being used. Following these steps and knowing how to prevent the risks associated with these lenses can help ensure that your Halloween experience is both spooky and safe.




Not All Omega Created EqualOmega 3 fish oils are an extremely beneficial health supplement. Omega 3’s are essential fatty acids that are not made naturally in our bodies. Taking high quality Omega 3 supplements will replenish those essential fatty acids and promote better health throughout our bodies. Their benefits include reduced inflammation, improved cardiovascular functionality, and increased healthy vision. Although many of these supplements may look the same or be advertised in the same manner, the truth is that not all Omega 3 supplements are created equal.

Omega 3’s are comprised of three essential fatty acids, DHA, EPA, and ALA. The most beneficial of the three are DHA and EPA. DHA, (Docosahexaenoic Acid) increases neurological functions throughout the brain and body. EPA, (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) is useful in reducing inflammation throughout the body, including your eyes. Although these two fatty acids provide us with the greatest benefits, they are sometimes absent or found in very low amounts in cheap, lower quality Omega 3 supplements. These low quality supplements do not produce the same benefits as a high quality Omega 3 supplement with efficient amounts of DHA and EPA. In addition, low quality Omega 3’s have a poor absorption level and often times produces the fishy “burp” taste after taking them. This is due to lower quality supplements not being purified when created, unlike those found in higher quality Omega 3 supplements.

High quality Omega 3’s, such as those from PRN, Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals, are made with the same form of Fatty acids found in fish but without the contaminants, such as mercury. They also have a greater concentration of EPA and DHA in its purified form. This purification process prevents the fishy “burp” taste due to poor absorption of the supplement.

Adding high quality Omega 3’s to your diet from companies such as PRN, can provide many benefits to your overall health, which include improvements to your vision. Omega 3’s create a high quality oil layer on the surface of your eye, which prevents the rapid evaporation of your tears. This evaporation of your natural tears is what causes the redness and irritation associated with Dry Eye Syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is a condition where an individual’s Meibomian glands are obstructed and interfere with the production of tears, which causes that itchy, dry feeling in your eyes.

If you are experiencing these symptoms or would like more information on Omega 3 Supplements and how to relieve your symptoms from Dry Eye Syndrome, give us a call 1-877-DR-BUCCI or visit us online to take your own Dry Eye Self Evaluation test.

Can Tetris cure Lazy Eye?

Can Tetris cure Lazy Eye?

Tetris, released in 1985, has stood the test of time and now may prove to be useful to treat Amblyopia, or more commonly referred to as Lazy Eye.

According to a study conducted by McGill University scientists, Tetris has shown to treat lazy eye by having both eyes, not just one, concentrate on the positioning of the blocks when moving down the screen.

“Eyegonomics” when using your electronic devices

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Are you experiencing irritated, watery, scratchy, dry eyes?

These might be symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome caused by prolonged use of electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The Vision Council (https://www.thevisioncouncil.org/index2.cfm) has provided a diagram for PC, laptop, and mobile users on how to use these devices while minimizing ocular strain.